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Welcome to Muscle Building Quickly, I’ve created this website as an advisory for like-minded bodybuilders who are looking for truly valuable information on building muscle quickly to become stronger, healthier, and fitter for many years to come!

Whether you are already an experienced bodybuilder or an absolute beginner you will find valuable information, tips and techniques about building muscle quickly right here.

An Introduction to Muscle Building Quickly

alex rocksonFirst of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Alex Rockson. Since 1995, I have had a passion for muscle building and fitness.

I have vast personal experience in the areas of fitness, bodybuilding, and nutrition. I understand very well, all of the obstacles and difficulties you can encounter in the realm of bodybuilding and trying to build muscle quickly.

My aim is to do my best to help you to overcome them on the journey to your goals. These goals may be different depending on your body type and other factors because after all, we are all individuals with our own ideas of how we want to look and feel and what building muscle quickly means to us.

The information I share with you on this website is scam free and straight to the point.

The Strength Be With Us!

We all need to be strong and healthy – it can be both easy and difficult to achieve but, once we have resculpted our outer body and fine tuned our inner body by building muscle, it’s very satisfying and pleasing to know that all of our hard work and discipline has paid off and it instills a great sense of confidence in oneself too.

What are the benefits of bodybuilding?

Better overall Health, Now and for Years to come.

Bodybuilding doesn’t only make you stronger on the outside. It actually tunes up our entire body, including but not limited to: the cardio-vascular system (heart), pulmonary system (lungs) and our immune system which could prolong your life.

A healthier body without swallowing medicines which themselves contain dangerous chemicals!

These benefits alone should convince you to become involved in bodybuilding.

Health is one of the key points to attaining your personal happiness. You can be a wealthy and successful person, but health isn’t an item that can be purchased easily or cheaply. Without it, you can hardly be happy. PERIOD!

So with that in mind, don’t you think it’s time to start building muscle?

As we mature and age it’s a good idea for everybody to have a strong muscle base, as our muscles are what support our frame (skeletal system). Also, being fit and well toned helps us to be at ease with who we are and therefore more relaxed and carefree.

In old age, having strong muscles will help you to lead a more active life and enjoy your daily activities longer!

If we have sat around procrastinating about improving ourselves, it really is time to get into action! It’s time to start building muscle quickly. For your health’s sake.

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Speaking of a more active life, strength and fitness goes hand in hand with virility. Couple this with a better looking you and you will soon realize how attractive all of your hard work has made you to potential partners.

This is simply the law of attraction found throughout the animal kingdom. The stronger or more attractive an animal is, the higher it’s chances of getting a mate. This is the same in the human world.

Let’s face it if you are 220 pounds of lean muscle standing next to 190 pounds of loose flab, who do you think looks better in the eyes of most potential partners?

It’s a no brainer, start muscle building, start working out to be the number one potential partner.

Build muscle and lose fat at the same time, really? ……Yes you can!

When pursuing the reconstruction of your body, remember that proper diet is essential for your muscle building success.

It’s like building a house. If the materials you use to build with are of a low quality, the house will not be very strong and won’t be as attractive as it could be. The same is true of your body.

To build strength and muscle mass, you need protein and lot’s of it. Think of protein as the cement in a house. It binds all the hard work you put into your workouts together and gives your muscles the nutrients they need to grow and be strong.

By building your muscle mass, your body actually needs more calories to function and sustain these bigger muscles.

So, if you keep your calorific intake the same, and increase your muscle mass by eating quality foods high in protein, your body will burn fat to produce the energy to keep your new, bigger and better muscles in peak shape.

It’s a win-win situation. You look better, feel better, are more attractive, AND you are burning fat for free!

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Mental Health Benefits

Yes, that’s right! You receive mental heath benefits by bodybuilding and exercising in a couple of different ways.

First, when you achieve your goals, your self esteem and confidence will be raised to new levels. You will feel that there is nothing that you can’t do, no achievement out of reach to you.

You will think to yourself, “Hey I’ve already beaten years of bad eating habits, I’ve already increased my muscle mass and reduced my percentage of body fat, I CAN DO ANYTHING!”

Do you ever see elite athletes with a sad look on their face saying “It’s too hard man…I can’t do it”? NO, you don’t.

The second way is more scientific. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins.

These are your body’s own feel good drugs and they don’t harm you with poisons like other drugs…yes it is a 100% natural high when you have just done a workout and you can see the pump and feel the burn of muscle development.

This high can last for up to 4 hours after your workout. This is on top of the feeling of satisfaction you’ll get from achieving your goals.

So if you want a natural “high”, it’s time to start building muscle quickly.

Third, you will become more mentally alert and have more energy. This is because your body will have raised it’s metabolism of nutrients (food) to feed those new improved muscles.

Because your body is burning the fuel you are giving it more quickly, the energy it would usually use to digest and store energy from food as fat, is used elsewhere in your body INCLUDING your brain.

Hence more mental awareness. Think about how you feel after you have eaten a big meal, you don’t really think that clearly and you feel slow and sluggish right?

That’s because your body is using a lot of energy to digest the food you have just eaten and to convert it into more energy to survive.

Because your muscle mass is increased, your body metabolizes the food at a higher rate and leaves you feeling fresh.

So by muscle building quickly, you will have a mental mindset of achievement, alertness and awareness.

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Bodybuilding as a sport.

muscle building quicklyYou may want to or are already involved in competitive bodybuilding. The presents you with even more rewards than just looking and feeling great.

If you are dedicated enough and train hard enough, you can enter competitions in your local area, your country or internationally.

You will get to meet some really great people who are likeminded and dedicated to perfecting their body and living a healthy positive life.

If you turn professional, you can earn a living doing something that you enjoy and makes you strong.

When should I start bodybuilding?

Starting to work on yourself in the realm of bodybuilding is never too early or late – as an example, my father started to do so at 55 years of age.

Hence, he is very happy with his choice and now, all of my family members are engaged in developing and strengthening our bodies and building muscle mass for appearance but most importantly health. We are all delighted with the results we have achieved which really are pretty amazing!

The important thing is to make the commitment to yourself and stick with it. Be a better stronger, healthier and more attractive you!

Willpower Vs Obstacles = Success

Do not let any obstacles destroy your dreams of getting your new healthy and sexy body! It is achievable by anybody. Willpower is the key to obtaining your new, amazing and sexy body!

You must be 100% dedicated to your goal. Never give up, never say it’s too hard and I’m tired. Remember, better health, confidence and looks are your goals and only you can make your dream come true!

You can only do this by building muscle quickly and efficiently. If you think you can’t do it, you are wrong, we can all do things we never thought possible.

To build a body full of strength, we must use our inner strength to overcome our fears and self-imposed limits and barriers.

Envision yourself with how you will look and feel once you have defined muscle mass, how you will feel when you have climbed over the obstacles stopping you from being a better healthier you, then act upon it, start quickly building muscle!

With your willpower and the information I provide to you here, you WILL transform your body, health, mind and outlook on life. You will build muscle mass quickly.

I will be updating the website regularly with all the latest tips, techniques and nutrition information, as well as innovative workouts for you to build muscle quickly.

Before reading the other pages in this Muscle Building Quickly website, make sure that you sign up to my free newsletter and get your free report titled “The ABC’s of Bodybuilding, Diet and Fitness”. To see all updates related to our website, make sure you like our muscle building quickly page on Facebook.

The Strength Be With Us!

Here’s to your muscle building quickly success,

alex rockson

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