Bodybuilding Chest Exercises Overview

Bodybuilding Chest Exercises Guide For People Of Any Fitness Level

bodybuilding chest exercisesUnknown to many, bodybuilding is a more complex sport than it seems. It is not just about having the bulkiest musculature, or having explosive strength numbers. It is also partly about having a defined body structure, with most, if not all, muscles being worked out simultaneously to create a proportionate body.

One of the most prominent muscles in the body is the chest. Composed of the biggest network of muscles in the upper body, the pectorals, it requires a lot of TLC in the part of the bodybuilder to gain the ideal chest. Here is a simple guide to bodybuilding chest exercises.

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With the chest being involved in a lot of body maneuvers (in fact, it is in close association with the function of the arms and shoulders), it is crucial to develop the chest in order to gain power in a lot of upper body movements.

In addition, the chest is in a very critical portion of the body, meaning it is one of the more visible muscles. Being able to develop the chest properly is going to wow a lot of people. However, it is good to note that it is actually relatively easy to develop the chest.

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With that said, here are just some of the bodybuilding chest exercises that people of any fitness level can perform. Write down these bodybuilding chest exercises!

  • Bench Press – Long the measuring stick when it comes to measuring chest strength, this is one simple exercise that is very versatile to boot. Here are the procedures to create the proper bench press. First, lay down flat on the bench. Then grip the barbell evenly, with about a double shoulder gap between each arm.

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    Lower the barbell down to your upper chest/lower neck area (but don’t let it touch your body). Then slowly lift the barbell up again to its original position. The movement from the lowering to the raising must remain smooth.

  • Incline and Decline Press – These are similar to your bench press, with the exception that the bench is either situated on an incline or a decline. This serves to develop either the upper chest area (with the incline press) or the lower chest area (with the decline press).
  • Dumbbell Flies – Using dumbbells, lay supine on the bench. The starting point is that you should hold the dumbbells straight up facing your chest. Lower your arms until it is parallel with the floor, slowly bending your elbow as you go down. Lift it back to the starting position to create one full rep. Be careful not to hyperextend your elbow.
  • Pushups – To assume the pushup position, your arms must be 1 feet apart and you also must keep your body straight. Slowly but smoothly lower your body until it is just inches from the ground, and then lift your body up back to the starting position to complete one rep.

Here are just some of the bodybuilding chest exercises that you can perform to develop your chest into a powerful and ripped unit.

You can do variations of these exercises, increase the weight or repetitions to modify your workout as you progress.

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