How to Get Bigger Thighs Routine

Different Exercises on How to Get Bigger Thighs

how to get bigger thighsThe legs are consisted of three major groups of muscles. The first is the quadriceps which is found in the front upper leg, the thigh biceps or the back of the upper leg, and the calf muscle, found at the lower leg.

There are different exercises on how to get bigger thighs. Learning and performing all these exercises will help on achieving bigger thighs.

The legs approximately weigh sixty-seven percent of the total body weight of a person. Since leg muscles are solid muscles, they require more exercise in order to make it bigger.

thigh muscles diagram

Thigh muscles aka leg muscles

From the body-building encyclopedia “Keys to the Universe” by Bill Pearl, more than a hundred different exercises can be found on how to get bigger thighs.

keys to the inner universe by Bill Pearl

Keys to the Inner Universe by Bill Pearl

The ‘How to Get Bigger Thighs’ workout

The Squat

barbell squats

performing barbell squats

The squat is considered as one of the most difficult exercises. That is the reason why beginners tend to skip this workout. Nevertheless, squatting is the most effective way on how to get bigger thighs.

Squats can be performed by itself or with the use of equipment such as weights. It can be done flat-footed or with heels elevated. A bench can be used to determine how far one should bend while squatting. Once the body touches the bench, it means that the squat went low enough.

The inner, outer and lower thigh workout can be adjusted by how the knees are pointed and how far the feet are spread apart. No matter how a squat is performed, make sure that the legs are not locked out when they are straightened.

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To achieve bigger thighs, perform three sets of the different types of squats with ten repetitions each.

  • Barbell Squat

    With the use of an Olympic bar with the proper weight and a squat rack, squat low enough until thighs are parallel to the floor. Increase weight on the bar if able to perform ten repetitions.

  • Barbell Squat Wide Stance

    Elevate heels and spread the legs widely. Squat with the knees pointed outwards. This is a workout for the inner thighs.

  • Hack Squat

    Hack squats can be performed with a machine. It can also be performed with the use of a barbell. While holding the barbell behind you, squat until the weights almost touches the floor.

  • hack squats

Leg Presses

  • Leg Press Machine

    The position of the feet on the machine pads shows if the inner, outer or upper thighs are worked out while seated.

  • Decline Leg Press Machine

    While seated on the machine, the position of the feet is adjusted to the part of the thigh that is being worked out. Going deeply also works out the gluteus maximus.

Leg extension machines
Leg extensions work out the outer, inner and lower thighs.

Thigh Curl Machines
Perform thigh curls while using this machine or cable and pulley machine.

Abductor and Adductor Machine
The abductor and adductor machines work out the inner thighs and the hip flexors. To achieve the overall look of the thighs, these muscles are needed to be developed.

Dumbbell Lunges
This exercise is good for the lower body flexibility. It develops the rear thigh and the gluteus.

Those are just some of the exercises that answer the question how to get bigger thighs. Do these consistently to develop all parts of your thigh.

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