How to Get Ripped in Weeks

How to Get Ripped in Weeks Routine

get ripped in weeksAfter spending all that time and effort lifting weights and eventually having a body of a buffalo, it is now time to the cuts and have a defined body structure. How can these cuts be achieved? There are different ways on how to get ripped in weeks.

The hours spent at the gym to get rid of fat and get into great shape show dedication. It is now time to change the heavy iron workout routine with medium weights and repetitions.

According to fitness gurus, body building is accompanied by diet. This is why a special diet that will be undergone by bodybuilders within four weeks is developed by nutritionists. Here is how to get ripped in weeks.

how to get ripped in weeks

tom venuto ripped bodybuilder

ripped bodybuilder with 3.7% body fat

The first step in getting ripped is by weight training. The muscles will be worked out to exhaustion. Instead of a few repetitions of heavy weights, twelve to fifteen repetitions will be done using medium weights. In this kind of weight training, dumbbell exercises are used to shape those muscles. Focus on each muscle group.

During the warm up, do as many repetitions as possible. Choose a weight that you can squeeze out twenty-five or more repetitions with and continue doing those sets using medium or moderate weights with twelve to fifteen repetitions. The goal is muscle exhaustion so perform five sets per exercise.

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As part of this ‘How to Get Ripped in Weeks’ routine, cardio workouts are not given much attention because it does not help in losing fats. Instead, it contributes to losing muscle mass.

Based on observations, sprinters or long distance runners do not have a developed upper body musculature but instead they have small pot bellies. This is because they burn the muscle tissue while they’re running.

tom venuto ripped body

Tom Venuto's full ripped body

The things that you’ll have to do to answer the question of how to get ripped in weeks are the following:

The Workout


  • Dumbbell extensions while bending over
  • Upright rowing with barbell
  • Lateral dumbbell raises
  • Front dumbbell raises while standing
  • Dumbbell presses while standing or seated
  • Shrugs with barbell


  • Pushups with feet elevated and hands widely spread
  • Dumbbell flies (flat bench, inclined and declined)
  • Dumbbell presses (flat bench, inclined and declined)


  • Bent over rowing with barbell
  • One-hand bent over rowing with barbell or dumbbell
  • Pull ups on the chinning bar
  • Seated rowing with cable and pulley
  • Lateral machine pull-downs


  • Calf raises
  • Donkey calf raises
  • Seated calf raises
  • Squats with barbell
  • Leg extensions on machine
  • Thigh biceps curls on machine or with wall mounted cable-and-pulley
  • Lunges with barbells


  • Crunches on flat bench or mat
  • Compound crunches by twisting to the left and to the right
  • Side bending with dumbbells
  • Rear side bends with barbell or dumbbells
  • Twists with dumbbells or barbell on the shoulders

Diet (this diet has to be maintained for 5 cycles or 25 days)

  • No carbohydrates for four days
  • Eat a balanced diet on the fifth day
  • No carbohydrates from sixth to the tenth day
  • Eat a balanced diet on the tenth day

how to get ripped


That’s the end of ‘How to Get Ripped in Weeks‘ workout.

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